China direct buying

China Direct Buying

Finding buyers and suppliers was tricky until some of the best sourcing companies in China emerged on the scene. Now, you can do all of your business in China once you have suitable sourcing agents in China. You’d need to know how to go about the process. So keep reading to find out the steps to take.

Contact Chinese Embassies

There are Chinese embassies worldwide, and they have government representatives that will provide helpful information about active China-based buyers, suppliers, or even a leading procurement service company that could facilitate your business.

Attend Trade Events

Attending trade events in China and worldwide is a great way to find reliable Chinese importers and exporters. Trade associations in China organize these events, providing a stage for you to meet great import export traders. A global sourcing company can help you with logistics.

Contact Government Sources in China

This is yet another way to find buyers and suppliers in China that you can work with. Try visiting their websites and getting their contact details. You can also check updated government public notices, notifications, and circulars on their websites. You can also fly to the destinations of the government office of trade and commerce and other ministries to collect vital information about active buyers or suppliers in China. 

Register with Chinese Trade Promotional Councils

Registering with Chinese trade promotional councils like the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) will help you get information about the Chinese import-export business and popular buyers and suppliers. These councils have an extensive database and can provide information about product, demand, supply, price, quantity, importer name, and exporter name, among other things.

Run an Internet Search

Run an internet search on market research & government organizations, trade councils, Chinese embassies, and other trading associations, and you will find trade statistics and reviews of some of the leading Chinese trading companies. If you are thorough with your search, you will find a global sourcing company that you could work with in the future. 

Keep Records of Your Findings

Record the finding of your research. You’d better understand what the market is about, and you’d be in a great position to land the right buyer or supplier.

 Get in Touch With Them

Analyze your records to arrive at a list of companies that you vet. You then contact the vetted companies via email, fax, or call to discuss business and build a working business relationship. Depending on how the interaction goes, you can plan a business visit to finalize your agreement. 

Contact us for a Free Consultation 

Do you wish to know more about how to buy directly from China at the best possible prices? Or you already have a procurement service company but want access to much better deals. China Performance Group is here for you. We have been in the supply chain management space for more than forty years, and you can rest assured you’ll get nothing short of the best from us. When you work with us, we’ll give you a personal sourcing team and direct access to Chinese suppliers. What more could you want from a sourcing company? Book a call today to discuss our services or receive a free consultation. 




China direct buying

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China direct buying

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